Examples of Client Savings

Because we carry all of the most affordable Medicare Supplement insurance plans in Ohio, we have saved our clients money with almost every Ohio Medicare Policy we’ve sold.

Just this week, one couple right here in NW Ohio saved on their Medigap plans over $1800/year. He and his wife are  71 years old and recently got notice that their Ohio Medicare Supplements premiums were going to increase again on the first of the year. They had not shopped or compared Medicare Plans in Ohio since they were 65 and were shocked when they found out that we could save them so much money!

Of course, they are very happy, their new Ohio Supplement is exactly the same as the old plan . HE intends to apply the savings toward property taxes next year…SHE said she will be buying a couple more gifts for the grandkids.

I told them that I would just let them fight that one out! HA HA