Medicare Supplement Plans in Ohio

Here we are again on the verge of another enrollment period. We can certainly help those fellow Buckeyes turning 65 in Ohio to work

through the Medicare maze or simply shop rates from all companies if you already know which Ohio Medigap Plan you need. What

 most seniors over 65 don’t realize, however, is that everyday is an enrollment period with Medicare Supplements and Medigap Plans

in Ohio (or any other state for that matter). Ohio has approximately 50 insurance companies that have Medicare Supplement Plans

available. As I have written about before, what those Medigap Insurance Companies won’t tell you is that a Plan F from one Ohio

Medicare company pays exactly the same benefits as a Plan F from any other Medigap Company in Ohio…THEY HAVE TO, ITS THE

LAW! Price on the other hand is not mandated by law and is evident in the wide cost differences between Medicare Supplement

companies here in Ohio. Here at PledgePoint, we have saved people hundreds and thousands of dollars per year by simply explaining

how Ohio Medigap Plans work. Do yourself a favor and only work with an independent Ohio Medicare broker (like us -hint, hint:) We

are proud to contract with only the most affordable and highly rated Medicare Companies in the state of Ohio.

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