Better than AARP!

The title may be a little extreme, but I am trying to make a point. The fact is many of my clients have had AARP Medicare Supplement Plans at one time. Another fact is that the plan that those clients switched to – was no better (if you like your $$ that statement is debatable). However, the point that I desperately try to get across to my clients is that Medicare Supplements or Medigap policies are very different from other types of insurance. They are different because when a claim is made, the insurance company is not the one who decides whether or not to pay it, Medicare does that! Although many people have a hard time comprehending this, the only difference between Medicare Supplement Companies is the price!  I could argue that name recognition is a major difference, but some companies would just rather pass on savings to their customers than spend millions on advertising campaigns. Admittedly, when I tell my current and future clients that I have plans that are “better than AARP”, they are skeptical at first. It seems as though T.V. and other forms of advertisements have deemed AARP Medigap Plans the holy grail of Medicare Supplement options. Many people are almost brainwashed. I was arguing with a woman the other day because she kept saying that she loved her AARP Supplement because they paid claims great. I have nothing against AARP. In some situations I do recommend their products. However, the majority of my business is here in Northwest Ohio, and AARP is just not as competitive as many other solid companies. I have not “won” every argument. Sometimes I don’t know why I argue at all, but I am passionate about what I do and I feel that people should understand what they are buying – especially when it comes to their health and well-being. The bottom line is that I can save you money on your Medicare Supplement/Medigap Plans.

Ed Hill