Am I getting the best deal on Medicare Supplements?

Are you turning 65? Are you going crazy dealing with medicare supplement plans? Do the piles of mail make the the search for the perfect Medigap plan even more complicated? You are probably getting inundated with phone calls from insurance agents trying to sell “their” companies policy. It should not have to be like this!

The biggest problem is that 95% of the solicitors will not be able to give you a quote from any other company than the one they represent.  I am guessing that is why you have found this website. You have never felt confident that any of the salespersons up to this point were really out to help you, so you want to research your options.  Well, we are glad you are here!

 We hate that old method of doing business which is exactly why we started Pledge-Point.  We believe in educating our future clients and offering them prices from every top company in their area . Just a 15 minute phone call to one of our medicare insurance specialists can calm your nerves. You can be confident that you will have the best plan for your personal needs .

You see, every medicare supplement policy of the same type (plan f, plan g, etc…) is accepted at every medical provider that takes basic Medicare and has the exact same benefits . The laws governing Medicare require this . This means the way you should compare plans is by price.  No matter what the salesperson on the phone says they do not have any better network, coverage, or benefits that any other company, period .

If an agent only sells for one company and does not have the lowest price they know they are at a disadvantage . Their only option is to try and close the sale in a rush so you don’t have a chance to get all the information . As an independent agent, we are able to quote you rates from every top medicare supplement company in Ohio and let you pick the lowest priced plan .

Many people still don’t realize how all this works. I had a client last week say something like, “well I know (well-known co.) pays their claims good, cuz’ my sister’s husband said…so I want my policy from (well-known co.)”   So after an hour of explaining, she still wanted a policy from (well known co.) -and I sold it to her. I realize that people buy on price and/or name recognition. Sometimes the big name companies have the best price, and sometimes they don’t. What I really want Seniors to understand is that Medicare Supplement insurance is not like any other form of insurance. Medigap is not like any other because it is not the insurance company who decides to pay claims, it is Medicare(the government). Hopefully over time, more and more Seniors will realize that shopping for a medicare supplement policy doesn’t have to be a headache. 

  We are ready to help you.  We can make your decision quick and painless.

Ed Hill    

888-769-1981 (toll free)