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Many insurance companies have price increases of ten percent or more every year! 

There are several ways to reduce your monthly premiums.

When Can I Switch Medicare Supplement Insurance?

You can change Medicare supplements anytime you want.  In most states, there is no open enrollment period once you are already a Medicare beneficiary.  If your premiums have increased dramatically, then you simply contact an independent agency (like us) and we can help you find a new carrier offering the exact same coverage at a lower rate.

There is one stipulation.  You must be in reasonably good health to medically qualify for a new supplemental insurance plan.  However, if you have been keeping up with changes in Medicare, you will know that there may be an option for those in poor health.

In some cases, a certain amount of time must have elapsed since a particular health event occurred before you can be underwritten.  In our experience, most consumers can be underwritten for a new plan as these questions and time limits do not apply to the majority of the general population.

Guaranteed Issue Medicare Supplement Insurance

Mutual of Omaha and some of its subsidiaries (United of Omaha and United World Life) have increased premiums somewhat substantially over the last year in several areas of the country.  As long as you are in decent health, you will be able to purchase the same coverage (Plan F for instance) with one of their sister companies (Assured Life and Gerber Life) or one of their competitors (Family Life, GPM-Government Personnel Mutual, AARP, Christian Fidelity) at a much lower rate.

However, for those who cannot medically qualify for new coverage, Plan N will be available from United of Omaha and GPM on a guaranteed issue basis in most states after June 1, 2010.  While this is a cost sharing type of plan, premiums will be considerably lower and may offset any additional out of pocket expenses that you might have.

It is conceivable that other carriers will follow suit and offer guaranteed issue plans as well.  However, Plan N through Mutual of Omaha or any of its affiliates will be a good option if you are stuck in an expensive Medicare supplement plan because you cannot be underwritten elsewhere. 

Request More Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Information

We are an independent agency licensed with the most affordable carriers in the state!  We offer several competitively priced Medicare supplement insurance plans.  There is no additional cost to use our services as Medigap prices are controlled by law. 

We will provide you with quotes on the plan(s) of your choice and can advise you on your options when it comes to changing coverage when your monthly premiums have increased or when you are in your open enrollment period.

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