Big value OHIO Medicare brokerage!

       I am an independent insurance broker here in  Northwest Ohio. My focus is on connecting Seniors with the best company for each particular need and/or situation. The last few years have been hectic and rewarding, studying for my CASL designation while trying to maintain a healthy balance of God, family, and career. I am starting this blog because I think now more than ever, it is crucial for our older generation to stay informed. I look forward to keeping everyone informed about the laws, changes, and ins and outs of Medicare and other issues our Seniors face today and in the future. Some concepts I will share may stretch a few of you past your comfort level, and some ideas may just leave a little more money in your pocket every month.  To just stay complacent or “stuck in our ways” is only going to hurt generations to come. The state of our economy and the future of our children and grandchildren will be affected by the choices we make today. Happy reading and remember, keep an open mind and a full heart! My office is here in Defiance, Ohio, but I would be happy to answer any questions from fellow Buckeyes! Oh, Buckeye fans, just to keep a level playing field, we will also be offering services to Michigan residents/ “Wolverines” in the near future.

Ed Hill

1-888-769-1981 (toll free)